Todd Simon
Business and Community Leader

I am a 5th Generation Omahan and one of the owners of Omaha Steaks. It’s very fulfilling to work with such an incredible team at our company. I’m also proud to have been able to serve our community in various ways, including leadership positions at the Omaha Community Foundation, The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Big Brothers Big Sisters and many others over the years. I am passionate about the arts and about making our community a better place to live and I’m learning more and more about how to do that every day. My wife and I are raising two fun and creative kids and hopefully our example will be inspiring for them. The four of us live in west Omaha with our two rag doll cats.

When people ask you about where you live, what do you tell them you are most proud of in your community?

Debo Peppers, Midtown

I great neighbors, and some of them are ex-military. This keeps my worries limited as I know they will neutralize anyone trying to break the law, and so will I. Any crime, ends with the criminals on the losing end!

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