About the Project

We believe our community benefits greatly from getting to know itself.

About the Project FAQs

Voices of The Landscape is a community story sharing project for people to voice their experiences living in Omaha and the surrounding areas. It’s a platform for members of the community to ask questions, share their stories, and invite people from all over the city to weigh in. The questions are universal—anyone can answer them.

After submitting your story, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media however you’d like. Your story also becomes a piece of a larger collection hosted on this website, a network offering unique points of view of life in our community. The more stories that are shared, the more we are connected to one another.

Through this exchange of stories, we hope to better understand one another’s lives and experiences, challenges and frustrations, hopes and dreams. We will identify common themes within the stories, and report back what we learned to those that participated, to local nonprofits and funders, and all those that care about making the community a place for all.

This project is an extension of The Landscape Omaha, which looks at six areas of community life through publicly available data. On The Landscape, you’ll see these areas broken down into graphs, charts, and statistics, which is helpful when understanding needs. But data only tells part of the story. The rest needs to come straight from the community, from people like you.

The Landscape and Voices of The Landscape are organized by the Omaha Community Foundation.