We believe our community benefits greatly from getting to know itself.

Voices of the Landscape is a site for residents in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metro to share their experiences about life in our community. All are welcome to answer questions during active campaigns, share their thoughts, spread the word on social media, and ask their own questions to the community.

If you chose to answer a yes/no question, your thoughts and insights were used in combination with  data found in The Landscape and knowledge gained from listening work with our nonprofit partners to help us better understand how to invest in the community. We believe that your story offers a unique perspective of life in our community; the more stories that are shared, the more we are connected to one another.

This project is an extension of The Landscape, which looks at eight areas of community life through publicly available data. On The Landscape, you’ll see these areas broken down into graphs, charts, and statistics, which is helpful when understanding needs. But data only tells part of the story. The rest needs to come straight from the community, from people like you.

The Landscape and Voices of The Landscape are organized by the Omaha Community Foundation.