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About the Project FAQs

If you don’t see your question below, please send us a message at voices@omahafoundation.org.


Who asks the questions?

Each question was contributed by a person who has shown their passion for strengthening our city and region. Some individuals are involved in local nonprofit organizations, while others are educators or business owners. Everyone who’s asked a question has also shared their own story.

Will there be new questions to answer?

We’ll introduce new questions through the end of November. Be sure to provide your email address when submitting your answer to get alerted when new ones are available!

How can I ask the community a question?

If you’d like to pose a question to the community on this forum, please submit your question idea and contact information to voices@omahafoundation.org. Please note not all emails will receive an immediate response. Since the continuation of this project depends on community demand, we cannot currently guarantee the use of any future questions.

User Information

How do I change or delete my answer?

Please contact voices@omahafoundation.org with a link to your post and what you’d like to edit or delete, and we will be happy to help.

Why do you ask for personal information like name and photo?

As part of this story sharing project, we believe providing a name with each story fosters a mutual trust and transparency among participants. Other fields—such as Twitter profile, photo, and location—are optional and meant to enhance your personal story page. Please do not share any sensitive personal information, such as address or phone number. 

What will you do with the information I share on this website?

The stories shared on this website will become part of a database of qualitative data—in other words, information that can’t be measured in a traditional sense. Each story will be scanned by the Director of Research and Evaluation at the Omaha Community Foundation to identify common themes and patterns. With this information, we can help pinpoint what’s most important to participating members of our community. We will share these reports publicly on www.thelandscapeomaha.org.

When you enter a story on this website, it’s entirely up to you how much you want to share—location and photo are optional, and you can use whichever name you prefer. Please keep in mind email will always be kept confidential.

How will you use my email address?

We ask that you provide an email address when you share your story, which we will use to send periodic updates about The Landscape Omaha project—such as project data, themes, and reports—along with occasional updates about other Omaha Community Foundation programs. We will never share your email address or send more than one email per week, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Do I have to create an account to use this website?

No account creation is necessary. Simply fill out the question form as much as you’d like, and click Submit.

I clicked Submit, but I don’t see my story page, or I keep getting an error. What’s wrong?

There are several reasons this could be happening, but most likely a word or phrase in your story has been automatically detected as inappropriate. If you are sure there is no inappropriate language in your answer, please email us at voices@omahafoundation.org so we can take a look.

My story page disappeared. What happened?

Most likely, a website administrator detected language in your story that violates our Terms of Use. You are welcome to submit another story that adheres to the rules of the site. If you are sure there was no violating language in your story, please email us at voices@omahafoundation.org so we can take a look.


Who is behind this project?

The Landscape and Voices of The Landscape are organized by the Omaha Community Foundation. This project is spurred by our belief that a community benefits from getting to know itself better through sharing and listening. Learn more about the Omaha Community Foundation’s work.

What is The Landscape?

The Landscape is a data-driven reflection of the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area. By examining community data from public sources, we have put together a collection of research that reflects what our friends, family, and neighbors are experiencing. The project aims to reveal where we’ve grown and where we can do better, and bring to light opportunities for improving our quality of life.

Voices of The Landscape is a platform for feedback and stories representing the lived experiences of residents. Together, these two sources of information will offer a more complete picture of our community to consider the strategies necessary to address challenges.

What are the goals of The Landscape project?

You can use data and stories from The Landscape to make a difference right now. Share it with your friends and family, spark conversations at home and at work, and do your part to inspire community change.